Healthcare & Medical Apprenticeship Programs

Department of Labor Approved Programs

MedCerts is one of the only DOL-approved registered apprenticeship providers. Our apprenticeship programs provide best-in-class built-in training through our online programs, lower hiring and onboarding costs, and access to our national network of partners.

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Why Apprenticeships Work in Healthcare We've got the blueprint for success; partner with us to:

  1. Addresses Skills Gaps
  2. Reduce Hiring Costs
  3. Increase Candidate Talent Pool
  4. Increase Retention
  5. Build a Scalable Program Across Regions and States
  6. Hire Skilled Talent 50% Faster than Typical College Program
  7. Fill Vacancies from Day 1
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Apprenticeship Resources

Since 2020, we’ve been helping our employer partners build DOL-approved apprenticeship programs. 100% of students enrolled in one of those programs, completed it successfully, and were placed in a job. Interested in learning more about MedCerts' apprenticeship model? Download our overview below or check out some of our blogs.

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